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The leaves are falling!

So that was summer. Michael Frayn's 'Alarms and Excursions' now over and the delight of being home knows very few bounds. Having a break from theatre for a while and starting several new projects all at once. Move into my little office in Portobello this week to develop three new projects for tv and one for radio. Very daunting, but action will finally take precedents over sitting around talking about it for months on end. Luckily I have a very efficient and pro-active indie company looking after the bits I don't understand - namely most of it - and hopefully I can just get down to business. Have asked for a basketball net to be placed in the room so I can do that cliche slam-dunk thing whilst fine tuning Bafta award winning concepts. If not possible, they have a very nice latte making machine in the basement to challenge me both mentally and physically. 

So hopefully, a bit of balance work-wise betwixt acting and writing over the autumn/winter months. That's the theory anyhooo... 

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Good luck with it all. Was just reminiscing with a friend about The House of Elliot which we're both enjoying on ITV3. If we must watch credit crunch telly as nobody can afford to make new shows then at least we can watch some quality stuff which hasn't been repeated ad nauseum!

BTW - saw you in The Secret of Sherlock Holmes last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. You made an excellent Watson and I saw the original play with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwick which was hard to beat.

September 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPiper

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