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New Year Resolutions Come The Spring

Am busy taking stock of how many of my NY resolutions have actually been acted upon.  Sadly,not as many as I'd hoped. Truthfully, not a single one. Oh well, at least I've figured that out early in the year, so there might still be hope. One of my biggest disappointments is not getting around to making contact with dear friends who I've not been able to see in ages. My excuses are not good enough. Yes I've been working flat out - for very little dinero I might add, but then when was the last time an agent didn't preface a conversation with the phrase, "There's no money in this one, I'm afraid." The fact is, there's no money in acting anywhere these days! It's there somewhere, but most thespians aren't getting it! Nor crews, stage managers or writers for that matter. What this translates into is the fact that one spends more time trying to get what little there is and less time chilling out with chums. These chums know who they are - and indeed might be secretly relieved at my no show  - and are now going to get a huge shock. A call from me. There you go. I've said it. Publicly. Now let's show the money.

Meantime, on the work front, I have just completed the tenth anniversary series of Trueman and Riley for the BBC - it only seems like yesterday that Brian B Thompson and I were sat scratching our heads trying to come up with a treatment for it.  Next week I'm honoured and daunted to be playing  Arthur Lowe in a lovely play by Roy Smiles for the same broadcaster. I've also been guesting away on various t.v's for the Beeb and Sky etc and am 20,000 words into my first crime mystery novella.

So there it is. Now what were my other NY resolutions again?

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