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Brain Movies

There can be few more effective conversation stoppers available than the classic, 'I had an amazing dream last night!' Admit it. The sight of the end of that last sentence sent a shiver down your spine. Sadly, spilling your dreams is not the way to get on and influence people. Even your nearest and dearest are likely to switch onto immediate automatic pilot - mind you, mine don't even require that excuse to slip into a trance. The fact is, other people's dreams are boring - unless you've recently fallen in love and all sense of ordinary balance has been lost to you.

Dreaming for me is something that I know gets done and something I vaguely remember images of for a split second upon waking. However, my main memories of the night are usually the desperate 3 o'clock wide awake terror of trying to figure out how to pay the next set of bills. Funny how those concerns manage to stack above your head awaiting clearance for landing in the wee small hours of the morning.

Not for me the bedside note book and pencil, plus trusty Freud bothering Dream Dictionary. Such discipline and interest in self knowledge is at present beyond me. So night by night I go about my unconscious business for the most part, unconsciously. Or so the story went, because you see I had an amazing dream last night! And before you all go into an unfollow frenzy, I promise not to dwell on story or detail. In short it was the most extraordinary movie I've ever seen. A beautifully shot and extraordinarily edited series of breathtaking scenes and images that quite frankly would have been beyond the capabilities and technical resources of our most gifted conscious-world film and computer generated creative artistes and craftspeople. My brain was clearly using the most extraordinarily advanced and sophisticated software not known to man. I know the human brain operates in all sorts of wonderful and unfathomable ways every nano-second of our lives, but this dream was just showing off big time. An Oscar winning Brain Movie.

I dearly wish I could discover exactly what software my dreaming self had downloaded. Finding that out would definitely bring my 3am bill paying anxieties to an end.



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When people tell you their dreams, they invite you to marvel at the outrageous things that happened. However, since it was a dream, anything is possible, and therefore nothing is remarkable. Which is why I don't care for surrealism, but that is a whole other blog comment!

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJulia Gibbs

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