Sex, Drugs and Rock and Chips

Will be joining the cast of John Sullivan's Only Fools And Horses prequel set in the early 60's. Have been asked to play the pervy cinema owner Eddie Raynor. Can't say anymore for fear of being visited by the 'Television Secrets Dept' of MI5. News of the project has been met with some hostility in the comments section of the Guardian. No surprises there. How do i feel about it? It's John Sullivan. It's a terrific script. It's a job. I should be so lucky!



Had a great week in Manchester recording a new comedy series for Radio 4 called Higher. Terrific cast and production team and one of the best set of scripts I've read for ages. It's set in a modern day university and tells a tale of intrigue and complicated professional relationships set against a background of growing regulation and management intervention. If I didn't manage to mess it up, it could be quite good.


If it's August it's Radio 4 

Had a great week in Leeds with Ralph Little and Amanda Raison filming One Man An His Dog. Up to Manchester next week to record new series for Radio 4 called Higher. It's with Sophie Thompson and is directed by Gary Brown. Following week I'm back to London to record a play for R4 entitled The Milk Race.  it's directed by Toby Swift and I play a racing milkman.


Celebrity Plumber to record radio/podcast pilots.

This August Celebrity Plumber, in a co-production with Heavy Entertainment, will be recording two fifteen minute radio/podcast pilots. Nigel Breezer will be appearing as himself with his assistant plumber Chelsea, played by Michelle Hardwicke. Written by Christopher Matthew and Robert Daws, the shows will drop into a busy working day for the Celebrity Plumber and follow his experiences with some of his many famous clients - played by themselves. The working title for the project is 'Flushed With Success'.


One Dog and His Man

First day of principle photography - as they say - for 'One Dog and His Man' is confirmed for July 20th. I'm playing the 'Man' and Ralph Little is the 'Dog'. Great script and filming in Manchester, so can catch up with friends and family as well.