Jumping to Gail's defence.

Yes, the call I never expected to receive has come. This Essex boy is off to defend Gail in her murder trial in Coronation Street. Few hardened southerners are granted this opportunity and as Corrie is officially one of the 7 places to Act before you die, I head north with relish. Will I get her off or will she go down? The book is now officially open.


One Million Tiny Plays

Working on a fascinating piece for BBC Radio 4 entitled, 'One Million Tiny Plays About Britain'. Short plays - some only one line long - as the title suggests and all beautifully written. Words, words, words.



Richard Hurst - BBC 'Miranda'. 'Bill Hicks'. - on board as director. First full table read next week with a select audience of 'critics'. Meanwhile Bill Humble and myself continue work on editing the text. No theatre lined up yet, but potential co-producers hopefully acquainting themselves with the script even as I blog.


No Point In Heckling

The terrific writer William Humble has penned a new play/stand-up piece called 'No Point In Heckling'. It's a hugely funny and bile induced tirade about the social treatment of the hard of hearing. No producer or theatre on board as yet - we may well self-produce - but provisional work on the project begins this week.


Only Sex and Drugs.

To BBC last friday to see preview of 'Only Fools...' prequel, 'Sex,Drugs, Rock and Chips'. Everyone enjoyed it greatly. John Sullivan has cleverly not put Del Boy at the centre of the piece, but instead tells the story of Del's mum and her relationship with safe cracker Freddie Robdale. Both Nick Lyndhurst and Kellie Bright are superb. I contribute as Ernie Raynor, the pervy manager of the Peckham Ritz Cinema. John told me afterwards that if there was an award for Britain's best perv I'd win it hands down. Hands down what, he neglected to say. Critics may give it a hard time, but I think it will prove to be an audience pleaser. Hope so anyway.