Betjeman Revisited

Am dusting off my theatre piece on Sir John Betjeman - 'Summoned by Betjeman' - for two charity performances this January. It's the first time I've performed it in nearly three years, but am looking forward to stepping into the great man's shoes once again and re-working parts of the show. To this end, the musical pieces and underscoring will be performed live with Peter Dale on the piano. I am also looking to include new passages and anecdotes that have previously been excluded. Reading Bevis Hillier's terrific second installment of his Betjeman biographic trilogy, 'New Fame, New Love' for Radio 4 has wet the appetite.


Six Degrees?

Been asked to do Six Degrees Of Separation at the Old Vic. The terrific David Grindley directing and a lovely job, but it looks like I can't work out the dates with other commitments. Although I'm always grateful when 'buses' arrive all at the same time, it is exceedingly galling when you can't ride on all of them. 


'Public Property' 2

'Public Property', the new play by Sam Peter Jackson, is now fully cast. Joining moi at the Trafalgar Studios will be Nigel Harman and Stephen Webb. Photo shoot tomorrow and me caught between the need for a 1950's short, back and sides haircut for 'Sex, Drugs Rock and Chips' and a more contemporary looking barnet for the play. Those who know me, will say that I haven't got enough hair on my head at the best of times, so why worry? They may have a point, but it's all in the detail. I hope it is anyway.


Public Property

Start rehearsing in two weeks for a new play by Sam Peter Jackson called 'Public Property'. I play a news reader/national treasure who finds himself at the centre of a personal and very public scandal. It's a fast, furious and very funny text and I'm looking forward to working on it with director Hanna Berrigan and producer Tara Wilkinson.  It plays at London's Trafalgar Studios from the 10th Nov to Dec 11th.


Man of Mode

Just finished filming a new comedy short entitled, 'Richard - Modern Man'. Have seen rough cut and think it's certainly funny, but also very bleak in places. Modern comedy - makes you laugh, then gives you a boot in the goolies. If you have goolies that is. Oooh er, Mrs.